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It's Digital Era: 10 steps to make a successful digital brand

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Well, Making a brand sounds like a bit easy peasy thing, To be honest, it is... Just that you need to move stepwise... Else it is the biggest mess you can think of. Well, it is just like making a sandwich, you skip a part and the entire taste is different.

So, What is the stepwise process of branding? They all are something that everyone must have heard at least once in their lifetime. Now it's time to align them, that's it.

1. Brand Strategy

Most of the new people, who are passionate about starting a business, have failed here in the first step itself. They know what to sell, but don't know what to sell, where to sell, whom to sell & how to sell. Well, to be frank, We firmly believe that sales are important as a growing brand. We can't land up having zero business. At this point, you need to do market research, some surveys & polls, and take some opinions, about your product. The best way to do this is to go out and talk to people, Start with your friends. So what will you ask?

- Do they need such products?

- How often do they use it?

- How much value does this product add to their life

- What if they don't get it?

- Are they using anything similar product of a different brand?

- Are they willing to switch to any other brand for a similar product?

- Why they will choose to switch, is there any problem with the product they are using?

2. Brand Identity

Now once you're sure of what to do with your product and how to present it in the market. Now it's the time to call a professional team of brand strategists, visualizers, and graphic designers to the process. So I heard this many times "Why do I need them? I know the design tools and Adobe software. I can do it all by myself. I'll save a lot of money"

Well, You don't know the design principles, color theory, conceptualization, and the n steps of design. Trust me call a professional team, they will be an investment. Else you will end up making something that does not reflect your brand values and ideation.

What do you need from them?

- Brand Story

- Brand Voice

- Brand Language

- Logo and Icons

- Typography

- Color & Typeface(Font) Guidelines

- Logo Usage Techniques

- Image Guidelines

- Brand stationery - Business Card. Letterhead, Envelope & Invoice

- Brochure or Catalogue or Lookbook

3. Packaging Design

This is something that I've personally seen many people compromising on, who ultimately ended up getting a professional one. The only reason was the lack of communication. Packaging is the first thing that a consumer sees before he is going to uses your product. And I'm sure that you must have heard the beautiful phrase "First impression of the last impression" and I'm sure you want to make a lasting impression among your consumers.

Now packaging design completely depends on how you want your brand's image to be. There's a lot of difference when you are a ROLEX and a BoAt. Both of them are selling watches. Just that one is a luxury product and the other is a daily wear product. So it's the brand positioning that decides the design of your packaging and not a personal preference.

4. Website

I'm sure you're ready with your product by now. An amazing story to tell, a logo, and a great packaging design. Now it's time to move to develop a store. I'm sure you want to sell the product and don't want to exhibit it in Madame Tussauds. So pull up your socks. Now you've to code the website. Ready? But where's the wireframe, UI Design, Layout, and Elements? I'm hoping you were not going to find something from a readymade template. When you're putting all these efforts to make this brand. Then why miss out on the website? Are you sure that the template is customizable as per your brand image? If yes, then go for it, or else go for a customized UI Design. My suggestion would be to go for a subscription to a website as in that you don't have to sit and update each and every time you want to update.

5. Search Engine Optimisation

Now with this fantastically flowing website over the Internet, you can't make any penny. So get it listed it on all search engines and make sure you rank on all necessary search keywords. We all know, that there are millions of websites there. And you've got many competitors unless you're selling a patented product. Well, this is a lengthy and continuous process. So start it now!

6. Social Media

Got your website on a higher rank but a game of social media is still required. Website is just a channel, social media build trust, and credibility for your brand. The more people talk about your product and brand, the more people will see you, which is directly proportional to the increase in the number of sales. I don't want to elaborate on that. I know you're smart enough to understand that. Also going on social media doesn't mean it is just clicking some pictures and posting on Instagram, branding didn't work like that. You need to have a communication plan which helps you to get the messaging in the right.

7. Online Advertising

All set! Now we need to be seen more. You must have seen signage while driving or commercial ads running on TV or Radio. Just like that, We also need to work on commercial promotion. Social Media Marketing has been a great choice for people, as it is effective. By effective, I mean you show your ads only to interested people and not everyone and you only pay for that. If confused, choose the other way.

8. Pay-per-Click advertising

Well, this is also the best method of reaching your clients. The best part about this is you only pay for the visitors you get be it to your social media page or the website. So you don't waste money on the number of impressions. You've got multiple channels to go with, Google Bing, Yahoo, or even Facebook. All you have to take care of is good search engine keywords, and frankly speaking, that is the most difficult part. In every marketing, you need to do this keyword research but they all are different for each platform as consumer behavior on every platform is different.

9. Content Marketing

This helps a lot to convey your product and the brand. But how? You must have heard it many times but people do underestimate this. But the more keywords in the blog, the better ranking you will get on the search engines. Also, The basic idea is to educate the customer about the product. Talk about the entire product line, but placing a call to action at the right place helps to generate more sales. Parallely, this adds a lot to the trust factor.

10. E-mail Marketing

This is also considered one of the boring stuff in marketing. People consider it as the old method. But but but, this is the best method to connect with your subscribers and the customer to bring the retentions. I'm sure you want to make a good database of the customers. Don't sell it. Make the best use of it. Share the coupons, offers, and updates of the brand. Also, keep sharing some beautiful stories to bring engagement. You must check Swiggy and Zomato for this. They are doing great in this.

Now that I've covered all the points to make a successful digital brand. It's time to take some action on it. Make sure you don't jumble the steps. To make it go with perfect and stress-free prices then my recommendation will be to go with the best branding and design agency in your city. Why only of your city? Because they understand the place geographically very well. With PikZiy - Branding and Design Agency you get the effortless experience of making a brand. We take care of every aspect of the brand-building process, that too stepwise. Our team of brand strategists, visualizers, marketing experts, and graphic designers have got proven skills to make brands from scratch. If you want to connect with us now then reach out to us at +918999949439 or


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